Friday, February 06, 2009

Preparing for Little Baby from afar

When we get home from Peru I will be about 35 weeks pregnant with this Little Baby and will jump right into the "final countdown" before meeting this little person (and finding out what kind of plumbing he/she has!). I think about my preparations for my other two babies . . . the constant reading of books, buying furniture, clothes, research on the internet . . . I was just saturated with anything and everything having to do with our little Prince or Princess. Now here am with number 3 and feeling a little bit out of the loop. I have lots of boy stuff and girl stuff so I'm pretty good in that department. I've kind of well versed in pregnancy and childbirth at this point. I'm not even going to the OB for the next 9 weeks. It's pretty easy actually. There isn't less anticipation on my part it is just different. I'm completely calm (especially considering the crazy life circumstances that are surrounding the birth of this baby) but somehow I don't want this baby to have any less than the anxious frenzy that surrounded my other two babies. Having my first baby, obviously, came with the normal fears and unknowns. Then going from one to two seemed like a big transition beforehand too. Now going from two to three doesn't really seem as life altering. Perhaps that is why I feel more peaceful about welcoming the newest member of our family.
There are lots of other unknowns surrounding the birthday of this baby . . . will our house sell beforehand? Will I be preparing for a move? Will I be trying to show our house potential buyers days after coming home from the hospital?And more pressing things like Can we really get three car seats secure across the backseat of my car? Where will this baby sleep? We are going to keep Ford in a crib until we get to Kenya and my babies haven't even seen the inside of their "big" crib until they were about 4-6 months old anyway. This baby will find a moses basket home for the first little while but then we needed an intermediate option for when he/she outgrows the moses basket. I just didn't feel good about a packnplay being a semi-permanent sleeping option so I decided to get a cradle. It's funny because I really wanted to get one for Claire before she was born but never did and now I'm getting one! There is just something about the process preparing a special place in your home for a new baby. Maybe it is just part of the nesting and mothering process but I feel lke it is essential regardless of what that might mean to each individual. So I'm excited to share the special place that I am preparing for our new baby . . .

This is actually a virtual view of it (taken from pictures from eBay) and not the actual cradle but you get the idea. Don't you love it? Imagine a pink, green or mabye even red monogram on that pillow. So sweet and fun. I'm so excited!

For all of you Birmingham people do you know about the My Little Lollipop consignment sale coming up? I'm so jealous that I can't be there to attend this sale. It is not like most of the "other" sales out there that end up being glorified garage sales (both for the sellers and the buyers). This sale is for nice, upscale clothing and yes they have a list of brands they will not accept. It was so nice to consign some things and actually be able to price them at good prices and not garage sale prices. I personally don't go to consignment sales to buy play clothes. I can buy play clothes at Target or Walmart for next to nothing. In my experience those "play clothes" are really desingned to be worn past one kid (MAYBE two) so I'd rather just go buy those new. But upscale boutique or trunk show clothing is made to be heirloom and it is what you need to look for at resale outlets. I was frustrated looking through all of the junk and stained clothes to find an occassional jem. This sale is for people just like me apparently and when I went in the fall I walked away very happy with the amount of money I made on the items I consigned as well as what I bought. There is even overstock from companies like Castles and Crowns which is fun. So if you are in town for this sale don't miss it. They are doing summer and winter clothes and it seems to have grown since the venue is much bigger than last time. Go, have a great time and think of me while you are scooping up your bargains.

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Shannon said...

Oh little baby, we can't wait to meet you in June! Your Momma is preparing for your special arrival and it's going to be perfect. Stay put and enjoy Peru kangaroo style and we'll prepare a special birthday party for you in May. Thanks for all the posts Mego. Keep them coming!!! Kiss those precious kidos for all of us. What are ya'll doing for your second weekend in Peru!?!