Friday, August 11, 2006

Vital Statistics

Name: Claire Louise Shirley
Age: 7 1/2 months
weight: about 20 lbs.
height: about 28 inches
Nicknames: "C", Ti Fe, Claire Bear
Favorite Color: Red to play with and pink to wear
Favorite Food: oatmeal and Cheerios
Least Favorite Food: peas (YUCK!)
Favorite Beverage: Breastmilk - is there something else?
Favorite people: Mommy and Daddy
Favorite game: Peekaboo
Favorite time of day: BATH TIME!
Favorite past time: singing
Favorite accessory: hair bow (now that I have enough hair!)
Favorite exercise: rolling around on the floor
Favorite activity: my Kindermusik class - I like playing with the drums and scarves
Newest tricks: saying "da da", playing peekaboo, drinking from a straw
Number of teeth: two (two more on the way)
Favorite toy: my Bunny (I sleep with Bunny every night - I LOVE Bunny)
Favorite Friends: Sydney and Cole (Mommy calls Cole my boyfriend but I call his mommy Aunt Shanan so wouldn't that make us cousins? Is that legal?)
Thing I'm looking forward to the most: crawling so I can check this place out!