Saturday, March 31, 2007

The newest Shirley

Here's the latest picture of the newest Shirley. This was at about 10 weeks gestation. It's not the best scan but you can see arms, legs, cord and even a little face. I can't wait to see that face for the first time in person! That was one of my sweetest memories of Claire - seeing her face for the very first time. I'm feeling physically a lot better this week but I'm still worried about the health and safety of the baby. I guess that just goes with the territory of being a mom. I should be able to feel him/her in the next month or so that that will be reassuring. Thanks for all of your prayers for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

More Pictures!

I haven't updated our blog in a while so I thought while I had a few minutes I'd post of few more pictures! These were all taken in the last month or so. Claire loves to go to the park and enjoys the thrill of the slide and especially loves to swing! She's pretty brave and never really acts scared of anything (except the vacuum cleaner - she is terrified of the vacuum!). Her days are filled with exploring anything and everything. She like to flush the toilet too! Her favorite word right now is "Uh Oh!" she says it when she drops something, when I drop something, when she sees something on the ground that someone else dropped at some point . . . well you get the point - she says it all the time! She like to eat with a spoon like a big girl and she has finally started drinking milk! She loves all sorts of yummy treats that her Daddy lets her have like cookies, m&ms and ice cream. The last picture is her "ice cream face". She takes a bite, makes that face, walks away then turns right back around for another bite!

Big Sister!

It's true - Claire is going to be a big sister! We are happy to announce that we are expecting another baby October 15! It's hard to believe that Claire won't be the baby anymore and it's crazy to imagine another little Shirley! We are so excited and ready to see our family grow a little more.
This is how I broke the news to Rhett- we were getting ready to go visit a friend in the hospital when I put Claire's "Big Sister" shirt on her and sent her into the bathroom where Daddy was brushing his teeth. He turned around and saw her and said "Hey Big Sister! Who's big sister are you?" Then he realized what was going on and nearly choked and said "What? Really??". It was fun! We were happy that we could tell both of our families together at a family celebration recently. Once again, Claire donned her Big Sister shirt and wondered into the living room at Rhett's parent's house (picture above) needless to say there was a big ruckus and let's just say some people caught on sooner than others! Please pray for us and the baby as we await his or her arrival. The number one question I'm asked these days is "are you as sick as you were with Claire?" and thankfully the answer is no! No don't get me wrong I have spent my share of time laying on the bathroom floor between getting "baby sick" this time but it's no where near as severe as it was with Claire. It may sound strange but I'll find my self worrying if I don't feel particularly bad since that was my constant reassurance with C that everything was OK. But just about the time I start to worry a huge wave of nausea takes over and I feel better :)