Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer Fun

Summer is here! We recently spent a day lounging around the pool with friends Mindy, Sydney, Dawn and Connor! The babies had a great time discovering the water and looking adorable in their swimming suits!

Claire is 5 1/2 months now! She is rolling all over the place and working very hard to sit up. She plays all the time. She loves to play pattycake and peekaboo. She also enjoys talking and making new noises (screeching, yelling, raspberries and her newest . . . grunting!). We are initiating her to her first southern summer and trying to keep her cool and comfortable. She doesn't really seem to mind much of anything though - she's a good sport and very happy and relaxed. She loves to sip water out of a "big girl cup" and goes crazy when she sees Mommy drinking from a cup. We think she may be starting to teeth a little bit because everything goes straight to her mouth! That includes toys, fingers (hers and anyone else's), paper, blankets - you name it! We are looking forward to Rhett's first Father's Day this week and lot's more summer fun in the weeks ahead!