Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Worth the Wait

Our friends Stephanie and Casey just returned home from Guatelmala where they met their son, Nathan, for the first time. He is absolutely gorgeous. We are so excited for them and can't wait until Nathan is home forever. He and Ford are sure to be buddies! We have been praying for Stephanie and Casey for a long time. It is amazing to see how faithful the Lord is and how he is blessing them with this sweet child. There have been lots of ups and downs throughout this adoption process but He has carried them through and now they are finally parents! We celebrate with them and can not wait to meet Nathan in person!


The top picture is a typical evening for Rhett - loving ALL of his babies! Claire takes meticulous care of her "triplets" Lilly, Addie and Molly (only Addie and Lilly are pictured here). I change their diapers more often than I change hers! She recently received a new doll and nicely named him Baby Ford. Luckily he is small and compact (thanks, Shanan) and more easily transported than the "girls".
The next is a picture of Ford at 4 weeks during his first tub bath. He actually liked it and didn't get upset until I took him out! It's fun to see his face changing so much already.
I desperately wanted some pictures of the kids in the AMAZING leaves this year. Of course everyone knows about Claire's hatred of all things camera so I wasn't able to capture how cute she is (not only will she not smile - now she won't even look at the camera -errrrr!). Hopefully Ford will be more happy to be photographed. He and the leaves look great!
We hope everyone takes time to give thanks this holiday. We are so thankful for the bounty of blessings God has poured out on our lives.

Announcing Ford . . .

Monday, November 12, 2007

Little Bulldog

We officially made Ford a member of the Bulldog Nation on Saturday with our first trip to Athens with him. He did not participate in the "Black Out" but he looked cute in his gameday outfit just the same! The first picture I posted is from last weekend during his first football Saturday with his Dad. He did what Rhett does most Saturdays that he is not working and not in Athens . . . sleep, eat and watch football.
Our dear friends, the Mareks, drove up from Augusta to hang out with us for the day which was so much fun for all of us! Shannon took my ticket to the game and I got to hang out with Shanan all day while the kids played. Claire loves hanging out with "Tole" and "Macey" aka Cole and Mason. We were able to capture her first kiss on camera - Rhett has not seen this picture and he wouldn't like it very much :) We thought it would be cute in their wedding video.
Our friends, Casey and Stephanie, are in Guatemala meeting their son Nathan for the first time this week. We are so excited for them and can't wait until they bring him home. Ford needs a little friend close to his age! Our other friends, Tracy and Luann, are expecting triplet daughters any day now! I can just imagine Ford, Nathan, Emory, Ellison and Elizabeth running around together in Sunday school!
On another note - if you ever wonder where I am on Veteran's day (or Columbus day for that matter) check the bank. It never fails that I plan a trip to the bank on these random holidays! Ugh!

One of the gang . . .

Claire has a new doll to join her collection! She is enjoying her brother so much and is becoming very protective of him. It's so cute!

The slideshow is up! Ford's newborn pictures can be seen at

It's awesome!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Two Weeks

Here are a few pictures of Ford the last week and one of Claire and Ford at the pumpkin patch last weekend. Ford is growing fast! He was 8lbs 2oz at birth, 7lbs 11oz when we left the hospital, 8lbs 4oz at 1 week and 9lbs 8oz at 2 weeks! It's amazing how fast they grow. He's not a little newborn anymore :( I had some "newborn" pictures taken this week by our awesome photographer Erin Nolen (her blog is on our favorite sites). As soon as I get the slideshow I'll share it. I can't wait to see them!

I've enjoyed getting into a routine this week and getting back to our normal activites. I've ventured out with both kids a few times (I even made it to a 7:30 am pediatrician appt!) and I'm trying to learn how to best manage everyone and all the equipment necessary to sustain and transport two kids. I've decided toting the pumpkin seat around is just not the best way to transport a baby. Seriously, we have taken a very small and portable person and made them very heavy and awkward by lugging them around in those silly seats! I bought a sling and we both love it so I'm going with that as much as I can for now. Besides I need both hands to take care of Claire!

More good news from the Shirley household - RHETT PASSED HIS BOARDS! Yeah! He is officially Board Certified in Internal Medicine - woo hoo! We are very proud of him as he has jumped over yet another hurdle in the crazy medicine game.