Monday, November 12, 2007

Little Bulldog

We officially made Ford a member of the Bulldog Nation on Saturday with our first trip to Athens with him. He did not participate in the "Black Out" but he looked cute in his gameday outfit just the same! The first picture I posted is from last weekend during his first football Saturday with his Dad. He did what Rhett does most Saturdays that he is not working and not in Athens . . . sleep, eat and watch football.
Our dear friends, the Mareks, drove up from Augusta to hang out with us for the day which was so much fun for all of us! Shannon took my ticket to the game and I got to hang out with Shanan all day while the kids played. Claire loves hanging out with "Tole" and "Macey" aka Cole and Mason. We were able to capture her first kiss on camera - Rhett has not seen this picture and he wouldn't like it very much :) We thought it would be cute in their wedding video.
Our friends, Casey and Stephanie, are in Guatemala meeting their son Nathan for the first time this week. We are so excited for them and can't wait until they bring him home. Ford needs a little friend close to his age! Our other friends, Tracy and Luann, are expecting triplet daughters any day now! I can just imagine Ford, Nathan, Emory, Ellison and Elizabeth running around together in Sunday school!
On another note - if you ever wonder where I am on Veteran's day (or Columbus day for that matter) check the bank. It never fails that I plan a trip to the bank on these random holidays! Ugh!


Chris and Shelley said...

LOVE the "first kiss!" I am so excited to see Clair and Ford grow, even when I am so far away!

We miss Bham!!

Shanan said...

Love the pics - loved the day and the memories - love ya'lls family. Thanks for giving Shannon his first SEC experience and for making it such a fun one...I know you ordered a win just for him-:) I enjoyed hanging out with you all day and can't wait to do it again! shan

The Allums Family said...

Precious Family!
Clair is not shy, now is she...
I can't wait to see ya'll and catch up!