Monday, December 18, 2006

California Girl!

We went on our first family vacation in November to San Diego! We had such a wonderful time! Claire is already a world-class traveler (lucky for her since her parents have been known to go to some crazy places!). We went to the San Diego zoo, went hiking at Torrey Pines and went on plenty of long walks on the beautiful southern California beaches! Claire had lots of firsts on the trip including her first plane ride and her first time to see the ocean! The picture above is when she first saw the ocean and tried out the sand (she's not a fan!). We made so many precious memories on the trip!
We are now looking forward to her first Christmas this week! Her most recent tricks are barking like a dog (she barks at anything with 4 legs!), showing you where her toes are and taking a few wobbly steps behind her walker!