Saturday, March 24, 2007

More Pictures!

I haven't updated our blog in a while so I thought while I had a few minutes I'd post of few more pictures! These were all taken in the last month or so. Claire loves to go to the park and enjoys the thrill of the slide and especially loves to swing! She's pretty brave and never really acts scared of anything (except the vacuum cleaner - she is terrified of the vacuum!). Her days are filled with exploring anything and everything. She like to flush the toilet too! Her favorite word right now is "Uh Oh!" she says it when she drops something, when I drop something, when she sees something on the ground that someone else dropped at some point . . . well you get the point - she says it all the time! She like to eat with a spoon like a big girl and she has finally started drinking milk! She loves all sorts of yummy treats that her Daddy lets her have like cookies, m&ms and ice cream. The last picture is her "ice cream face". She takes a bite, makes that face, walks away then turns right back around for another bite!

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