Saturday, February 28, 2009


Since the first day we arrived in Lima Claire has wanted to ride the big red "Mirabus" (which is so much more fun to say in Spanish - "Mira-boose"). What 3 year old wouldn't want to ride a double decker bus? Since Rhett is gone for several days I thought this might be a good time to take in a short tour of Miraflores on the ole 'boose with the kids. Note to self: any tourist activity is easier with 2 parents. So we signed up for the 11am 1 hour tour of Miraflores (the area of Lima where we live). We arrived early bought tickets then went to the park to play while we waited for our departure. Side note: I love how if something really leaves or happens at a certain time they have to specify that on the ticket. Otherwise the whole idea of punctuality is not part of the culture here - very difficult for me because I am NEVER late and if I am late be prepared because I will be stressed out when I get there.
Anyway, maybe you can appreciate from this picture how hot it was. Blazing. Not the best day to ride in an open top bus but oh well. Behind my little wilted flower is Parque de Kennedy which besides having amazing flowers also has a fun playground and is a really nice place to stroll. We come here often to the playground and found a fun little cafe that served up a great dinner (where Claire had her first crepe and was a fan!) AND there is a wonderful ice cream parlor just off the park. You have to respect a country where eating ice cream appears to be a national past time. There is ice cream for sale everywhere! Men drive bikes with little freezers in the front all around town peddaling their ice cold goodies. This particular ice cream store has a picture menu with every kind of creature you could possibly want made out of ice cream. We opted for a "Miky" and "Miny" and Claire has already lined up the panda and mariposa that she wants in the future. Oh yeah and these fun little creations cost about $2. How great is that? I think ice cream is better when it is 1. cheap and 2. soft. Not hard like we sell it in the U.S. but more like gelato. Yum. I'll take pictures next time to share.
The tour itself wasn't that great. It was done in both Spanish and English but by the time the girl started the English commentary we were already a block or so past what she was talking about. We also got into a small wreck! We were making a right turn and true to Peruvian driving tactics a little car behind us tried to sneak to the right and make the turn. Come on! Everyone knows buses make wide right turns. Anyway, we heard frantic honking and then saw that we had wedged the little Sentra against the curb. The driver was all ticked off but it was obviously his fault. The police were there in about 35 seconds and the bus driver was nice enough to move us to some shade while they worked it out. Claire says the "little black car wasn't following directions and that is why he got smushed". There is a good life lesson there - I hope remebers that if you don't follow directions you might get smushed.

The picture above is from the tour. It is typical of the hazy fog that covers Lima a lot - I hear especially during the winter months. It's not smoggy (although there is some of that too) it's just a strange fog. I once thought our building was on fire because it was floating past our windows and looked just like smoke! I think it has something to do with El Nino or La Nina or one of those weather phenomenons that impacts this area. I'm no meteorologist I just know it can be foggy here at times!
This is El Parque de Amour. Yes those are two people making out or, um, lovingly embracing - does that sound better? This is a landmark in the city overlooking the ocean and, yes, there were lots of other couples in the park emulating the statue!
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Shanan said...

Meggie, I must say that I am quite impressed with your "go get em" attitude. Being pregnant and naturally hot, not to mention that the climate is stifling, and still out and about on a 2-decker bus with 2 children. Wow. You are super mom and I need to borrow your cape! Thank you for the pictures. I've been thinking about you this weekend. Yea, tomorrow is Sunday and Rhetters comes home!