Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playa La Mina

This was Ford's first time going to the beach! He loved it! We put him down in the sand and he ran straight for the water. Rhett took him in and even though it was chilly he laughed and loved the waves. I guess he got the dislike of boats and the love of the beach from me. I remember Claire's first real beach experience when she was a little older than he is now. She hated it - did not want to get her feet or shoes dirty. He was just the opposite and loved the sand. Luckily Claire is over her sand thing now and just wants to make sandcastles (well Cinderella and Belle castles) in the sand.
He could have done this for hours, I think! They had so much fun we are hoping to take them back to the beach at some point before we leave Peru.

Sorry the pictures are all chopped up. This is the only way I could get them loaded on to blogger. Not the way I would have chosen to tell the story but you get the idea . . .

Rhett leaves on Thursday for Cusco so I'll be on my own with the kiddos for several days. So in anticipation I'm going to a movie and dinner with some of the girls tonight and planning a mani/pedi (for $7!!!) tomorrow night. You can pray for Rhett's trip this weekend (Thurs-Sunday). They will be studying high altitude medicine and taking a trip to Machu Picchu. Unfortunately, high altitude (11,000 feet) at this point in my pregnancy would mean not enough oxygen for Little Baby and perhaps even an early entrance into this world so I am staying back "home" in Lima. We explained to Claire that Daddy is going on a field trip to the mountains just like her class went on a field trip to Homewood Park. Of course she wanted to go too but we explained that God made the mountains so high that Little Baby would get sick so we have to stay here. We promised we would bring her back one day and we would all go hiking up in the mountains. She seemed OK with that. Pray for his safety while traveling (flying) to Cusco and that he won't suffer from altitude sickness. I'm going to show him how to use the camera and force him to take a few pictures while he is there (he is not a picture taker if you can't tell) so I can see what I missed :(
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