Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family pictures from the Ballestas

Claire and Daddy on the boat ready to go! Claire was SO excited and loved every minute of this excursion (although she said she didn't like getting splashed by the water when the boat was going "so fast").
Rhett says when we travel I never have a hat or the right shoes. Well, this was no exception. I had the right shoes for this trip but no hat so Claire and I bought these precious tourist hats on the dock. The were necessary for fear of getting bird-pooped-on!
Here is Claire with the "Candleabra" sand carving that reportedly has been there for 2,000 years. Pretty cool.

Ford wasn't a big fan of the boat. He must get this from me. As much fun as boats appear to be my usual constant puking pretty much ruins any fun I might have on one. Luckily, I felt pretty good for this trip and didn't get sick at all. Ford was quite interested in the engines right behind us and eventually was really excited by some of the birds (he made his generic barking/elephant noise at them). However, when we got back on dry land he saw a mangy stray dog and had a fit over it. He was way more excited about that dog than anything he saw on our boat ride! At least he is easy to please.
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Shanan said...

I love your "no bird poop" hats. What fun - thanks for sharing photos of you!!! Now there is proof that you were actually there-:)

Julie and Philip said...

These photos are amazing! Looks like your weekend was full of memory-making opportunities....