Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Rhett surprised both of his Valentine with flowers (I got red roses :) and bought chocolate treats for both of the kids too. The kids both made Rhett a Valentine and I gave him some chocolate (the real treat being that he doesn't have to share it with anyone). Claire recited a poem to Rhett: "Roses are red, violins are blue and I LOVE YOU!". It was precious.

We had a wonderful lunch yesterday at a place called Punta Azul that is right down the street from our apartment. We may need to make that a regular Saturday lunch routine. It was delicious (we both had seafood) and had a great atmosphere. We took long Valentine's Day naps then headed out to a party given by some of the course particpants. The kids had a really fun time playing with some new friends being silly and dancing and even put their feet in the pool. I was thankful for some time to get to know some of the people Rhett works with everyday a little better. Everyone is so nice and it is such a fun international mix. When we left the party we asked Claire if she had fun at the party and she replied "Yes, I did! Even though we didn't have cake". It seems as though a party to a 3 year old is synonymous with birthday cake! We explained that not all parties are for birthdays and there isn't always cake!
Claire getting ready to dive into her eclair. Oh this child loves chocolate. She thought that was so neat that it was called and eclair and thought we should each get an "edaddy", "emommy" and "eford".
This is my transportation around town (except for the occassional taxi). Thank you Mr. Phil and Mr. Ted whoever you are for inventing this stroller. I literally do not know how I would get around without it. It is amazingly, wonderfully fantastic - Rhett even agrees. Apparently Phil and Ted (and probably their wives and children) had attempted international travel with children before because this buggy was made for what we are doing. Believe it or not I can even fit my groceries in the basket. I should probably take a picture of that too - poor Ford tends to get buried in bags occassionally.

Here are the kids at the party last night with their friend (and baby sitter) Luella from Canada and Claire's new best friend from Ireland, Sarah. Believe it or not we managed to keep either one of them from falling (or jumping) into the pool! Claire's new responsiblity is holding the money in the taxi and giving it to the driver when we get out. When we got out of the cab last night coming home from the party she handed the driver the money and as she was getting out of the cab said "Gracias for the ride". That may be one of my favorite Claire quotes ever. She was so cool and casual about it. Hilarious.
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Shanan said...

awesome. Happy Love day to all of you, eMommy-:) I love seeing pictures of your adventures and hope you have the energy to continue to take them and post them. This trip just seems to be an amazing opportunity for every member of your family and God is so good to provide you guys with a wonderful place to live, transportation, and friends!!! I love the pigtails! I can't believer her hair is long enough for that adorable hairdo. Give her some lovin from Aunty Shan.