Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun times at the playground . . .

Ford thinks he is a big boy and therefore rides and/or climbs everything. I have to remind myself that he is only 16 months old because he acts so much older than that. This is him riding the merry-go-round thing (holding on with one hand because to hold on with two is way uncool and for babies apparently!).
Claire has found that swings are international and for that she is grateful.

True to big-boy fashion Ford ran straight for the big kid swing passing the baby swing in the process. Slow down little man! You are still the baby - at least for a few more months!
Here is the big boy making a quick break for the merry-go-round again!
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Sarah said...

Hi Megan,

I try to keep up with your family's whereabouts every now and then and it looks like y'all are having great fun in Peru. I would love to visit South America some day. When I was living in Egpyt, we took a trip to Kenya for a week-long conference with other workers from around the region and found it to be exactly what I always pictured sub-Saharan Africa to be. I'm sure you'll love it...and maybe hate it too some days, but mostly love it. :)

I didn't realize y'all were at Brook Hills now. That was my home church in Alabama too!

(I also enjoy your playlists so I sometimes just use your blog as my background music. Ha! Weirdo, that's me!)

Sarah Highfill