Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birds anyone?

I'm quite sure I've never seen so many birds before. Interestingly, the bird poo from the islands is a big commodity. There was even a short war over it at one point in history. Every 5 or 10 years now they come and scrape all the bird poo away and use it to make what must be quite a fertilizer with it.

I'm not even sure all the different birds we saw! I enjoyed seeing the pelicans and penguins the most. I tried my best with the camera but I had Ford in my lap and could only shoot with one hand!
There is a sea lion hiding in this picture but I just love the way the water looks. There is a current that comes up here straight from Antarctica that is c-o-l-d but is this beautiful blue-green color.
Here is a sleepy sea lion who has found a private perch to take a rest!
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