Monday, February 09, 2009

Anyone an AP Physics teacher?

As we anxiously think and dream about our new home in Africa we picture our new life, home, friends and community there. Part of that community will be Rift Valley Academy which is on "upper station" (where as we will live on "lower station" where the hospital is located). This is an amazing place that ministers to the children of missionaries serving all over Africa. Obviously, I don't have first hand knowledge of the school but I do feel a connection there since it is where Claire will start kindergarten and it will be a great place for me to be involved in ministry while we are in Kijabe. Here is a YouTube video that profiles the school and tells you a little about it and here is the website. Anyway, I read lots of blogs from people who live at Kijabe, work at RVA and whose kids go to RVA so I have a sense of the ministry there.

One of those families is one of my favorite blogs called Paradox Uganda (which I highly recommend you read!). They mentioned on their blog today the need for a physics teacher at RVA next year (their son attends the school and he and some friends would like to take AP physics). I know there are many, many open positons at the school so I'm just throwing this out there hoping to plant some seeds. If you are a teacher of any kind (or might be able to serve in any other capacity at the school such as dorm parents), have a desire to serve God and support mission efforts and fulfilment of the great commission then I urge you to pray about it and consider making a commitment to come minister at RVA.

I'm not in the business of making big appeals for financial or personnel support for our ministry or any other but I do want to make others aware of how they might be able to be involved in the big picture. I think some people may think of "missons" as being house to house evangelism, church planting or medical efforts. There are a lot of other neat opportunities like this out there! My prayer is that God will raise people and families up to go and fill these positions and - just as importantly - others who will provide the means for them to go.

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