Friday, March 21, 2008

Potty Training - CHECK!!

Well, I think we did it! It took three days but we have made great progress. The first day 3 accidents, 2nd day 1 accident and now day 3 - NO ACCIDENTS!! I got really brave today and took Claire to a friends house to play and she went while we were there (I joked with my her and said you know you are a good friend when your friend shows up at your house with her kid who's been going in the potty for 2 days!!). Things went so well that we went to the park and out to dinner too! She did go to the bathroom 4 times during dinner partly because I was paranoid and partly because there was a hand dryer involved which made it a fun adventure!

I'm sure there will be accidents in our future but she really seems to have gotten it so hopefully they will be few and far between. I just have to keep my eye on the clock and pay attention to when and how much she is drinking. I really haven't had to remind her too often though because she has done great telling us when she has to go. Our biggest challenge the first two days was that she would start to go and get so excited that she would stop so she could take a look! After several hours of not emptying her bladder completely she would finally reach a point where she would go and have an accident. But that improved dramatically today so I think that's why we had success!

I can't believe it. The first day I was a little worried. I honestly probably would have stopped if I hadn't announced it on this blog so I'm glad I did. I guess I just didn't have very much confidence in her after several accidents but she surprised me with how much she is capable of and reminded me that she really is a "big girl". We have no more diapers for her in our house - only pull ups for bedtime. We've got one more day of practice before the first big test of church on Sunday and Easter lunch afterward. I think she can do it - actually I know she can do it. I am so proud of her. I thought I would be sad since this is one more step away from being a baby but I absolutely love the little girl that she is becoming so I embrace this achievement. I'll keep you posted on how it is going. Like most things in life the anticipation of this "event" was much worse that it actually was so if you are in the same place I was - go for it!!- you might be pleasantly surprised!


Shanan said...

AWESOME Megan! I have been thinking about you guys all week and starting ready the Potty Party book myself. i don't know if I'm ready to sacrifice a week to sit still and train and I feel like I will just be fighting him. You'll have to encourage me big time. We miss you guys so much. We'll be in town to help Stephanie celebrate her birthday and look forward to seeing you then! Love you. I'm so proud of both you and Claire - huge accomplishment!!!

The Kenyons said...

Great Job!!!! It is funny how this seems like the scariest thing but then you look back and think, that wasn't so bad!!!