Monday, March 31, 2008

More Birthday Fun

Here is Claire looking out at the lake from the State park lodge. It was a beautiful lodge and a beautiful area. The restaurant was wonderful and we had a great "Birthday Dinner" for Rhett.
Claire loves her Daddy!
Claire has swing radar. She LOVES swings. She will go to the park and swing for a solid hour. Occassionally she will take a break for the slide then she runs right back to the swings. This playground was very retro and cool. It had a little merry-go-round and see saw! I felt like I was five years old! Not that climbing walls and big tube slides aren't cool but how much fun is it to bounce someone on a see saw?? the chalets in the background are some of the 18 out of the 20 that had gorgeous views of the lake. We were in #19. Our view was somewhat similar to the view from our deck - which is quite beautiful and we are very thankful for it - but we were kind of hoping for a change of scenery since we were at a LAKE! It was one of the things that just didn't work out in my planning of Rhett's birthday weekend. The other was his cake. I got a yummy chocolate cake from Savage's which is pretty much a tradition at this point for our family. They are scruptous. I picked out one with really cool, big, funky flowers on it. I brought home one with beautiful pink roses and "Happy Birthday Rhett" in pink icing. What?? I thought for a minute that maybe Rhett wouldn't notice that he had a girly cake. Of course the first thing he said was "what's up with the pink roses?". So much for not noticing. Oh well, it was yummy and by the time we got 30 candles on it you could barely see the pink roses.

My parents and I got Rhett an iPod for his gift. Please understand that we are miles off of the information superhighway. We do not have Blackberries or iPhones. We do not even text message. I have a few times but it takes so long that I'd much rather call or get out stationery and write a letter! We realize that we have got to catch up before the kids go blazing past us. So this little bundle of technology is our attempt at trying to keep up. Problem is that it takes every little drop of life out of us trying to figure out how to "download" and "sync" etc. so that we can get this little bundle of technology to actually work. Maybe we should just wait until the kids can show us how to use it!
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