Monday, March 10, 2008

I want that bici!!!

I hit a consignment sale this weekend and scored some major purchases! The first being an awesome Kelty hiking-kid-carrying-backpack brand new for $40. I also got a talking Dora doll that Claire adores for $5. At the sale Claire spotted the above pictured tricycle from across the building and yelled "I want that bici!!". Yes, Spanish once again! I was so excited about the Spanish that I of course got it for her. She loves it and rides it all around the house. There is usually at least one baby in the basket. We took her new wheels for a spin outside yesterday and Claire loved it. She's not upset in the picture she is having a blast going down the "hill". She kept yelling "go faster!". She must have some of her Daddy's daredevil heart in her. Once again she struggled with steering (she's too busy looking around) and wanted to put her feet on the "floor" instead of on the pedals.

I have spring fever and I hope that winter is gone for good! I don't mind it being chilly in the morning if I can look forward to it being 65 in the afternoon. My flipflops are now my standard shoes until October. And despite loosing an hours sleep on Saturday night - I love day light savings time and I wish we could make it permanent. I really enjoy and definitely prefer the Central time zone (as opposed to the Eastern one where I've spent most of my days) the only bad thing is that it doesn't stay light here until 8:00 like it does there. We still get that extra light but it's not quite as late since we are so close to the border. I look forward to walks after dinner and other fun things that you get to do this time of year.

As I type Claire is dressed up in her Cinderella dress with glitter pink shoes. She has about 25 different dolls, truckes, purses and stuffed animals lined up on the kitchen floor teaching them various songs. You just can't quite capture that with a camera!
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Chris and Shelley said...

I think the lack of driving skills must be a girl thing -- Katherine has a pink Barbie bug and my brother has to walk beside her to "steer" her! She's too busy having fun to pay attention! LOL!

Love your blog! It's nice to keep up with friends!