Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Rhett

We celebrated Rhett's big 3-0 this weekend. Ford got a jump on the birthday festivites and dove right into Rhett's cake while we were singing to him! He managed to get a mouthful of frosting which is quite a thrill to someone who has only every had breastmilk! We can definitely look forward to his first birthday party! We packed up and headed up to northern Alabama to Lake Guntersville State Park for the weekend. We stayed in a little chalet and had wonderful family time. It was so much fun celebrating Rhett and how much we all love him for who he is to each of us.
We we one a wonderful 5 mile hike on Saturday. We took Cutchenmine Trail down through the woods with a large creek on one side of the trail. There are sometimes bald eagles in the area but we weren't lucky enough to spot one. Ford enjoyed his first hike! He dozed off for a while but enjoyed looking around at the new sights. I was loaded down like a pack mule but managed to make it just fine. I will be happy when he graduates to the backpack though!
We took potty training on the road and Claire passed with flying colors! We are so proud of her! Thank goodness someone told me to put a little potty in our car. We made two stops on the highway and took it on the trail. I know she is going to kill be about all of these potty pictures one day but I couldn't resist this one. I can't imagine a prettier place to use the potty! She thought it was pretty cool when we put the pee pee in the grass too!
Rhett and Claire had a blast throwing rocks in the creek and listening to the "kerplunk" and getting a little wet! Claire loves spending time with her Daddy. They always have so much fun playing together.
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Shanan said...

What an amazing weekend and beautiful pictures. Look forward to hearing more details. I love the potty pictures and one day Claire will appreciate them too. Who got to carry the potty on the hike? love you guys and happy birthday Rhett!