Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Potty Party

Here's the update on potty training! We officially started today! As soon as we woke up I told her today was the day that she started wearing big girl panties! The morning went great -Ford slept most of the morning so we just played and set the timer for every 30 minutes to go to the potty. She went some times and others she didn't. She told me she needed to go at other times and it worked great. Unfortunatley I've had a long standing doctor's appt. scheduled for this afternoon so I had to pack the kids up after lunch and take them to day care for a few hours while I went to the appt. I put a pull-up on her for that since she would taking a nap and everything. They said she woke up wet (which I expected of course) so they put another pull-up on her and by the time we got home she was wet again. I think the pull up just gives her the feeling that she can go and it's no big deal. So we got straight back in panties and started again. The afternoons are always hectic around here so it was a lot more difficult. She had two accidents - once when I was on the phone and again when she was eating supper. She regained some ground after that and told me she had to go before again bed. So I think we are on the right track. We have the next 3 days free and my mom is coming to give me an extra set of hands so I think in 3 days she will make a lot of progress and hopefully this ship will have sailed!!
So we had the "Potty Party" I promised to mark and celebrate this exciting day. I ordered a Dora cake last week for her but when I went to pick it up today they didn't have the order or any more Dora kits to make the cake. I was a little disappointed because I wanted her cake to match her cute Dora panties but I settled for a Princess cake which turned out great and of course she loved it! I'll keep you posted on the progress. Hopefully I can report in a few days that our diaper budget will be slashed in half - woo hoo!
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Shanan said...

Good girl Claire!!! Keep it up! We are so ready for this party in our house but we need Cole to be somewhat interested. His latest saying is that he will go potty when his cousins get, there are no plans in the works for the kids to visit so we'll see-:) Happy Easter and good luck!