Monday, March 10, 2008

Phil and Teds

A while ago I mentioned my supercool new stroller. I took a picture of it yesterday so I thought I'd share it. We have changed it from infant/toddler mode to two toddler mode (even though Ford isn't a toddler he likes to sit up and look around now). Thanks to my friend Susan for her recommendation for it. She and her husband took their 3 year old and 1 year old to Europe for a month last summer and put the Phil and Ted's to the ultimate stroller test. It passed with flying colors which is why we now own one! Rhett is slightly relieved that we now "only" own 3 strollers. I sold our old single jogger at a consignment sale (I made a ton of money on it:) since this one converts back to a single by taking the back seat off. We will give it a run for it's money next year in Peru since it will be the only form of transportation that we actually own and my main means of getting around with the kids. The only bad part about it so far is that I get stopped constantly by people asking me about it!
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Shanan said...

love it - so glad you are happy with it! I miss the B'ham consignment events so bad!!! If we were a tad bit closer I might come "home" for them. I love the bow in Claire's hair too-:) Miss you guys!