Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ford's First Easter

We had a wonderful Easter celebration at the Shirley home! We spent most of the day at church and had lunch with some good friends. We've had a tradition of eating Jim 'n Nick's BBQ every Easter for several years now but it seems as though many of our friends have moved away the past few years so we were down to two families this year! Claire looked really cute but I somehow missed getting a picture of her in her dress. By the time I tried to prop them up on the couch to take a picture it was after naptime and the Easter dress was a wrinkled mess and so was she! None of the pictures of the two of them turned out very well but I thought the ones of Ford with his basket were cute. He dove straight in and tried to eat the grass! I struggled with how to explain Easter to Claire since the concept of death and resurrection are a bit big for a 2 year old. We settled on celebrating that "Jesus is Alive". She went around singing "Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive, hi ho the dairy-o Jesus is alive" most of the day.

She had an egg hunt at school before Spring Break and I was a proud Momma as she scooted around the room and filled up her basket to the brim. She was picking up eggs three at a time! She and one other little boy took about 60% of the eggs in the room. At first I thought I should teach her to share and give her eggs to some other kids but then I decided to support capitalism and let her keep all of her eggs that she worked hard to find while all the other kids just stood there. I did make sure she shared her booty with her brother when she got home (she gave him 2 eggs) so I thought this took care of the sharing lesson without turning her into a socialist - HA!
I thought I'd post a few pictures of Ford since Claire has been getting so much attention with potty training. Isn't he darling? I know I'm a little biased but he's just a doll! The potty is going great by the way. She went all day at day care with no accidents on Monday but had one today at Bible Study. Accidents are definitely the exception at this point and she hasn't had one at home or with me in a week so I think we are good. She just has to learn to speak up and not be shy when she has to go! We are celebrating Rhett's big 3-0 this weekend. He doesn't know what we are doing yet so I won't spoil the surprise!
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Shanan said...

precious! I love that Claire figured out how to gather the eggs quickly before the other kids! Cole would have been out of luck and only upset to miss the candy! Ford is definitely one cute kido - thank you for the updated pictures. We can't wait to hear about Rhett's birthday weekend. Missing you guys.

The Allums Family said...

Love the pics! So glad potty training is going well.
Megan, I missed seeing you on Sunday!

HAPPY BIG 3-0 BIRTHDAY RHETT!!!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!
(I am glad it is not my year just yet);)