Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who is 9 months old??

So the calendar tells me that 9 months ago I met Ford for the first time. It's hard to believe for two different reasons. It seems like just yesterday was his "birth" day and at the same time it seems like I've always known him. I can't really remember what it was like before we had this amazing little person in our life. It's like we were waiting for him to get here forever (not just the pregnancy!) and when I held him in my arms I felt "finally, you are here.". I guess that's why I know we aren't done having babies - I still feel like I'm waiting to meet some other little people.

What a true blessing children are. The word blessing is kind of thrown around these days but when I stop and really try to grasp the true meaning and find examples in my life my children just exemplify what blessing is to me. I think a lot of focus is made on the children and how you are going to raise them, train them, discipline them etc. etc. but what no one tells you before you have kids is really the one being raised, trained and disciplined is YOU! God uses these incredible little instruments to fine tune your heart and spirit and that truly is the blessing. I remember hearing before I got married that marriage only magnifies your personal weaknesses and relationship issues with your husband. True. You can repeat that again and substitute "having children" for "marriage". Think you might be a little bit selfish? Have a baby. You'll know for sure. Think you might be slightly impatient? Have a 2 year old and know for sure. It is so perfect how God uses them to show us our weaknesses and helps us overcome them through the incredible, consuming love we have for them. So back to the example above: You think you might be selfish? Have a baby and know for sure THEN find out that you love that baby so much that you get up in the middle of the night to comfort, console and nourish them and don't even really mind when you snuggle up to that sweet little bundle and they snuggle back. Think you might be impatient? Have a 2 year old and know for sure THEN find out that you love that little person so much that you will read "Llama, Llama Mad at Momma" 3 times in a row and not really mind at all because you see the wonder and amazement in their eyes each time.

So nine months later Ford is days away from crawling (just rocking and getting kind of stuck on his hands and knees not really sure what to do next), has 5 teeth, drinks from a straw and a cup, his favorite food is mango (just like his sister!), likes to say DaDaDaDa over and over again and has mastered getting from his tummy to sitting. He is 21lbs 8 oz (75%) and 29.5 inches (90%). He is as healthy as he can possibly be - praise God. I love this baby age (aside from the first 2 weeks this is my favorite) so I am just soaking up this precious time with him.
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