Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun Ford

This is Ford and his buddy, Sawyer. Sawyer's sister, Sydney, is Claire's little friend so it works out well that our boys are about 8 weeks apart. We had lunch and went to the park with them today. You can tell that Ford thinks it's fun to see another person his size around!

The other night I was getting the kids ready for bed. I put Ford's PJs on first which meant Claire was running around the house naked until I could get to her. She thought it was pretty fun to run around the house yelling in her birthday suit and Ford did too! He was laughing hysterically at her everytime she ran in the room - or I guess I should say streaked into the room! The laugh at each other a lot which really warms my heart.
This is Ford with two of the three Causey triplets that are also his friends! We had a baby shower for another friend at their house the other night but I couldn't seem to find a time when one of the girls wasn't nodding off to get a picture of all 4 of them together. You'll just have to imagine another one that looks just the same sitting there with these. To make it worse I have no idea which two these are! They are either Emory, Ellison or Elizabeth. You get the idea of how cute they are. They are about 5 weeks younger than Ford. Not many babies make Ford look small but these girls have their chub on (in a precious baby sense of course)! Call me crazy but I think that having triplets would be a blast! Maybe I've been watching too much Jon and Kate Plus 8! Now I don't think that being pregnant with triplets would be terribly fun but imagine three precious 3 year olds running around together! How much fun!
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julie said...

Such cute babies! Can't wait to join the mommy club! And I believe that it is Elizabeth on the left and Emory on the right in that picture...pretty sure, anyway!