Thursday, July 03, 2008

A better day

So things have improved since yesterday - thank goodness. That was one for the record books. I'm busy getting ready for the long weekend which is moderately difficult with a hurt back and bum toe. Anyway, the show must go on. I thought I'd throw in some happier pictures since my last post was such a downer. I think Rhett's family will appreciate this picture of Ford . . .

This is the same face that Rhett had in all of his pictures as a child. He claims he was comtemplating big intellectual ideas but what ever he was doing apparantly his son is doing it too! He sat like this for about 15 minutes and stared at the sprinkler. We had such a wonderful string of lovely summer days this week. I think this was the way summer was intended to be. Don't get me wrong it was 90 but with low humidity and a slight breeze it was down right pleasant. Remember last summer when it was 103 every day for about a month with no rain (I was pregnant so I can add a degree or two to that - it was miserable). Anyway, we celebrated that string of sunny days and played outside a lot since it wasn't too hot and humid to breathe. Claire wasn't much for the sprinkler. She didn't understand why she should want to get wet. I finally tossed on of her dolls close to the sprinkler to try to intice her to get a little wet but she just rescued the doll and that was the end of the sprinkler.

We have graduated to both of the kids in the race car which is terrific from my standpoint. There is now a lot of "He's touching me!" but I guess I should get used to that because I will be hearing a lot of that from now on. Ford is making a move on Claire's cookie - that didn't go over too well! Have a great 4th!

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Shanan said...

I'm so glad that today was a better day than yesterday. I have had plenty of those "mom of the year" days and my kidos bounce pun intended...just fine. Ford's little forehead looks much better today. Although the day was miserable for you, you have an awesome ability to retell a story so that it makes me laugh. That was the response I had to your day, then I felt for you as a mom who's been there (remember when Mason fell down the stairs? or when Cole almost fell out of the stroller at the mall?) and I wanted to hear your voice and remind you that you are an incredible mom and your kidos are lucky to spend their days with you. Have a great fourth weekend. Enjoy the time with your hubby. Your children are precious and I love that they look alike. And, I love Claire's long curly hair! love you!