Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July

We had a wonderful long weekend celebrating the 4th of July! We had so much fun at Lake Martin with the Slappeys and the Duncans (Rhett's cousins). We had 6 kids under 8 so that was an automatic crazy good time! We ate a lot of yummy food, had wonderful fellowship and enjoyed some great fireworks on the 4th.
Ford (8mo), Judith (5yr), Reuben (7yr), Solomon (3yr), Evelyn (1yr) and Claire (2yr) It is so funny to think that when I first met the Duncans 5 years ago Reuben was Claire's age and Judith was Ford's age! They have since added two more cuties and we've started our family. It has been so much fun watching their kids grow up. They are abolutely darling and so sweet and well behaved. We have learned a lot from Ryan and Amy about parenting and we know we will have a lot more questions for them in the years to come! It is exciting to this only child with no cousins anywhere near my age that my kids have others in their life that they will grow up with. Claire is surrounded by boys at every turn so I'm especially grateful for Judith and Evie - I hope they are special friends as they grow up. Judith is quite a little gymnast and wears hear leotard around every where (she has it on under her dress above). Claire put on her leotard too and she ran around following Judith.

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