Monday, July 21, 2008

Ladies, take a number and get in line!

I snapped this picture of Ford the other day and when I looked at it I just stopped. It's a glimpse of him as a little boy! Something about his hair and the way he is holding his head just makes him look so old (as in two not twenty). I hate to play the "He looks like . . ." game but I think he favors pictures of my dad when he was little in this picture. I guess time will tell. For now adorable.
Here's a glipse of those new teeth. Not that most of you care out my son's dental progress but Grandmas and Aunts read this blog and they care about new teeth a lot so there you go - picture of the teeth. Speaking of teeth I'm happy to report that Claire's tooth is recoving from it's recent trauma MUCH better than we expected. We were throwing around terms like root canal, abcess, extraction and partial just a few weeks ago. In the big scheme of healthcare a bum tooth isn't a big deal AT ALL but no parent wants their precious little girl to have a grayish black tooth sitting right out front if they can help it. The Dentist said about 20-30% of them go back to white so we weren't getting our hopes up. The fact that it had continued to darken wasn't reassuring but it has lightened up in the past couple weeks and although it is still gray it's not nearly as noticeable as it was before. It's still at risk of abcessing so we will just pray that doesn't happen and we can hang on to our slightly gray tooth for about 5 more years.
More pictures for those following our kids - Ford is so close to crawling!! I think he is still officially a creeper but he is going to break out any second! Fun stuff!
I had to share this of Claire last week. I glanced in at her during her nap and this is what I found. She moved into a big bed when she was 20 months old so we needed to make it a pretty heavily protected fortress for her with all of these rails and such. So almost a year later she picked holes in the netting to entertain herself. She sits on her bed with her feet through the hole and rests her arms and chin on the railing. Once I asked her what she was doing and she told me her feet were in time out. Apparently the right one had hit the left one. So this day the feet must have been in time out for a while because she rolled over and fell asleep like this. Oh, and that is a toy catalogue the she sleeps with. She looks at all the toys while she lays there falling asleep. She told me Ama was going to buy them for her! She has many pillows, many pacis, her Bunny, a big pink hippo, the catalogue, a matchbox car and a flashcard with picture of chocolate cake also in there with her.
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Shanan said...

We had the exact same experience with Cole and that rail! Cole's did not last as long as Claire's did and he eventually ripped the entire netting. His imagination didn't go towards time-out on the other side of the hole but he used the rail to build houses for all 15 of his animals. Those sleeping pictures are precious. And oh man he is one cute kid. I can't wait to see him this weekend and love all over him!