Thursday, February 07, 2008

Best Buds

Well, Rhett is gone to the jungle and I am here doing an experiment in single parenting. So far everything is going fine but we miss him terribly. Claire is doing a lot better than I expected (why do we always underestimate kids?) and she seems to understand a lot more than I thought she would about Daddy being away (underestimated this too!). We are able to talk to him although we have to shout into the phone and there is a 3 second delay which can be annoying/difficult at times. We are thankful for modern technology so we can be in touch via phone and email every day. Thanks to everyone for your constant support and prayers while he is gone. The countdown is on for him to come home!

I have a calendar that I need to put a picture in every month so that means once a month I have to struggle to get a picture of both of the kids together now. This is the best I could do for February since Ford can't sit up and Claire, well, we all know about Claire and pictures!


The Allums Family said...

Sweet pictures! Continuing to pray for you all while Rhett is away.

Shanan said...

the black and white photo is simply irresistible. You have beautiful children...and they look just like you!