Friday, February 22, 2008

Good times with good friends

We had a wonderful visit with our good friends the Mareks over the weekend. Besides being great friends to us as a bonus our children get along fabulously which makes for an even better time for the parents! We just relaxed and let the kids play and get dirty all weekend which we all loved. Claire drove for the first time and we hypothesized that the knowledge of how to steer is carried on the y chromosome. Claire had no idea how the whole steering thing worked so Shanan had to teach her but interestingly enough the first time Cole got behind the wheel he just took off knowing exactly what to do. Do not get me wrong - I am in no way saying that women are bad drivers!! The top picture is Cole (2 1/2), Claire (2), Mason (1) and Ford (4 months). Ford just observed this time but his was taking notes and will be ready to jump in with the big kids soon!

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Shanan said...

we had a great time - thank you for the memories and your friendship. 2 more days till Daddy Rhett comes home...yea! love you.