Thursday, February 14, 2008

Claire's quotes for the week

Anyone who has kids is constantly amused by the funny things their kids are saying (even if no one else is amused by them!). This blog is becoming quite a great record of our life so I thought I'd try to keep up with the kids are doing as a means of memory keeping for us. Sorry if you are bored by all the details present and future.

Today we were going through the drive thru at Chickfila and Claire said "Go black car! We're hungry!". My mouth dropped and I laughed at first then I realized she had probably heard that somewhere before - oops.

Yesterday we went out the door on the way to school and unfortunately I had not checked the weather report. The day before it was 65 I had on flip flops but apparently things had changed because it was 27 outside with snow flurries! Claire walked out ahead of me (with no coat on I might add) and she started singing "Baby, it's cold out side! Baby it's COLD, OOOUTSIIIIDE!" in perfect tune. I asked her where she learned that song and she said "PaPa taught me!".

We got a Valentine from Mac today and she was looking at it in the backseat. She said "That's Mac! Awww. I love Mac." It was so sweet! I told how nice that was and she said. "I love Mac. I miss him. We'll go see him tomorrow." I told her we weren't going to see him tomorrow. She said "We'll go see him in a couple days". Once again I told her we weren't planning on seeing Mac for a while and she said "We'll see him in a few weeks". I left it there but I wanted to drive to Atlanta to see him this afternoon!

I am amazed at how much she is learning at Community Bible Study this year. The children's program is incredible and they do a wonderful job. I can't describe the joy in my heart when I hear her singing scripture like:
"God loved us and sent his Son, sent his Son" and my new favorite "I am the way, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one can come but by me!".
They focus on hiding the truth of scripture in their hearts so it will always be there and they can lean upon it and build upon it.

In other news all of Claire's babies (Sadie, Lily, Addie, Rosie etc.) now all have baby brothers (various stuffed animals and smaller dolls). Now I have to keep up with which one is little brother to which baby! I am quickly corrected if I'm wrong, mind you. Luckily all of the baby brothers are named Ford!

Update from Peru: Rhett is doing great! The last English speaker left yesterday so he is on his own with Spanish from here on out. I imagine it can be a little lonely not being able to just relax and talk without trying to piece together a conversation. Thanks for all of the support and prayers they are being felt and answered.

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Shanan said...

love it - it's so amazing how quickly they learn. Cole told me over the weekend, "You makin' me crazy!" Now, where did he learn that!!! It was in the right context too. Our children are precious and we can't wait to love on yours this weekend!