Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jungle Doctor

Off he goes . . . Rhett is heading to the jungle of Peru to work on his research in Malaria as part of his Fellowship training. He will be leaving next week and will be gone for a little over three weeks. We cringe at the idea of him being gone for so long but we know we are "taking this one for the team" and ultimately it will be a wonderfully fruitful experience for him. Please pray for his health and safety as he rides a motorcycle around the Amazon jungle to examine patients for this clinical research project. Rhett is always up for a good adventure but he is struggling with leaving us for so long. He a C are VERY close and this will be tough on both of them. Several times a day she looks at me and says something like this "Daddy's at work. He has on a tie. Daddy drives to work. Daddy be home soon. I give Daddy big kiss and hug. Daddy swing Claire". It is so sweet to see how much they adore each other (about as much as I adore both of them!)

I don't even know how to approach this with her. Someone asked me what I was going to tell her and I replied "I guess I'm just going to tell her that he is in Peru and will be home as soon as he can". She can pick Peru out on the map so I've started telling her excitedly "That's where Daddy is going!" and she smiles and says "Noooo!" (as in how silly of you to think something like that!).
Anyway, that's the hot topic of conversation around here lately as we prepare for him to go. No doubt he will have some great stories and hopefully some great research data when he gets home. We miss him already!

Oh - he will be in Iquitos (see map above). There are no roads there either a boat up the river or an airplane. Rhett will be going by plane but he will have to arrive early in the morning or late at night. Apparently there is a problem with vultures on the runways at the airport so they have to time flights around the birds in order to prevent a disaster on the runway (bird vs. plane). The other picture is one of a typical area of Iquitos during the wet season (now). I check the weather down there high: 86 heat index: 96 Not bad for February!


Shannon said...

hope you have a great time!!! can't wait to hear stories. remember, only drink the water you can see through!

Shannon said...

oh look, my husband is a blogger!-:) He even beat me to it. We will be praying for all four of you. God is so faithful and will multiply your efforts as you proceed through the open door into serving Him. I can only imagine the incredible stories that Rhett will have to share and I can't wait to visit you guys in Peru in the future. We love you guys and can't wait to see you, Mego, and the kids in a couple of weeks.

The Allums Family said...

We will be praying for Rhett while he is on this journey. And also for C as she will be missing her daddy.
Can't wait to hear all the stories!
Love you guys!

Shannon said...

Hey guys - just want you to know that we are praying for ya'll and are looking forward to hearing what the Lord is doing in and through your family. Keep us updated on how things are going! We love you.