Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I'm a little behind on blogging considering how much has been going on the past couple of weeks!
We started our Christmas celebrations by heading up to the mountains of North Carolina to "Shirley Ridge" - Rhett's parents new home. We had a couple days of fun with his family where Mac and Claire got to play with each other or around each other! We came home to Birmingham for Christmas and my parents drove over for Christmas Eve and morning. We managed to take both kids to the 8pm Christmas Eve service (it's the only one we have - whose idea is that anyway? Obviously no one with small children!). We made it through the service with some creative moves on our part and ended it with a high five to celebrate our parenting feat!
We opened lots of wonderful gifts on Christmas morning. The picture of Claire above is her in Mommy's snazzy new double stroller a Phil and Teds Sport Buggy! It's really cool and she couldn't help but smile when I put her in it. I went back and forth on what kind of "jogging" stroller to get (they do make non-jogging jogging strollers just for people like me). I found the Phil and Teds and it seemed perfect considering how much international travel we are planning in the next few years. We needed something that could whiz around airports and museums and monuments with out being too big. I wish I had more tech savvy so I could put a link or something so you could see how cool this stroller is. Rhett is disturbed by the fact that we now own 4 strollers (single, single jogger, double umbrella and now double non-jogging jogger) and asked me if we have started a new tradition of getting a new stroller with more seats every year for Christmas. Watch out for what you wish for Rhett . . . I've got my eye on a triple! HA!
Claire gave Ford a hippo for Christmas - I'm hoping it becomes his Bunny. He is doing so well. Just as sweet as he can be. We took him in for his 2 month check right before Christmas - he was 14 lbs 2 oz!! Could he possibly have gained 6 lbs in two months?? He definitely has some chub on but he doesn't look really roly poly- he just looks like a six month old.
Claire is having a blast playing in her new kitchen that she got for Christmas and her new dollhouse she got for her birthday. I'll post on her birthday next . . .

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