Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A haircut and a smile!

Claire got her first haircut today! She was so excited and had so much fun. We went to one of those "why didn't I think of this" places - a salon for little girls. This places is a sea of pink and purple designed to make little girls feel like princesses. There is even a throne. We got the "First Haircut" package that included a certificate and a lock of her hair for probably twice what we should have paid but it was a special day and worth it! There wasn't too much hair to cut but it looks cleaner and a little thicker with the layers in it. We skipped the mani/pedi package but maybe we will be back for that one day. Claire was so excited about the whole experience that she . . . gasp. . . SMILED for the camera! Yea! Claire did get glitter in her hair, a glitter stamp on her face, a balloon and a lollipop. Not bad. I wonder if they would cut my hair there?
Claire was excited to play on her new playset that Jo Jo and Doc gave her and Ford for Christmas. I got some cute pictures of her playing with lots more smiles for the camera!
The last picture I stumbled upon when I was downloading the others - it's for Shanan. Can you believe that picture was take Jan. 22, 2007 - less than 11 months ago? My how things have changed. That was before we knew Mason or Ford and when our first babies were, well, babies. Claire and Cole have always been so incredibly sweet to each other. She's lucky to have him as a friend. And maybe one day a husband . . .


Shanan said...

precious - when I saw the picture I thought, oh, Cole had that outfit...then I noticed it was Cole. Oh I miss you guys so much. We shopped for Claire's 2nd birthday and had fun today! It'll be late but it's coming! I love the smiles and the haircut sounded like fun! Wish I could get a glitter stamp and balloon! Merry Christmas - we love you guys! shan

The Allums Family said...

Precius! I love all the smiles!! I knew you could do it!!! Can't wait to see the "new hair dew"!
Love you guys!