Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Little Friends

Claire and Sydney have been friends for a long time now (since her Mom and I were waddling around the PICU worried that everything we did there was going to somehow harm our babies). Well they turned out perfect despite all of the radiation and contagious diseases we were exposed to. Sydney turns two today which means Claire turns two in 9 days. It's difficult to believe that time has gone by so quickly. Sydney had a party at Kids Gym last weekend and we had a blast! Claire wore herself out climbing, jumping and riding on all of the fun equipment. The first picture is of the two riding in the see-saw boat. If you look closely you can see Claire's smile (she does actually smile just not when a camera is around). The second picture is of the two of them leaving school today. They had their Christmas party today - nothing more fun than a bunch of toddlers eating pizza! They held hands and walked out together - too cute.
I was able to (sort of) get a picture of Sydney, Connor and Claire together at the party. It was a lot easier when they were 8 weeks old (in the bottom picture). Claire has just a little bit more hair but not much! We are going to get her first haircut today despite the fact that she doesn't have too much to spare. I've heard that if you cut it then it will thicken up a little bit and help it grow. We will see. I'm sure I'll have some interesting pictures that I'll post later.
We are off to North Carolina to visit with Rhett's family this weekend. If we survive the 6 hour drive (plus stops) we will have a great time up in the mountains. We are looking forward to some relaxing time in front of the fire looking out at the Smokies!

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The Allums Family said...

Claire is precious with her friends. I can't believe she is about to be 2! Ya'll have fun and drive safe!!! We will see you soon!!! Have a blessed Christmas. Lets do lunch when after the holidays!!!