Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bah Humbug!

My quest to take cute pictures of Claire continues. It is now complicated by the fact that I now have the challenge of incorporating another child in the picture. I thought they looked cute this morning in their matching outfits so I pulled out the camera and the tears began. I hope I get credit for trying.
Ford is doing great. He was 7 weeks yesterday. He weighs around 13 lbs now. He is a sweet baby. He just fit right in our family perfectly. We are very blessed with two really great kids.
Here is a funny story about Claire . . . we were playing with a felt nativity scene last night. She was having a great time with all of the little pieces and people. She was playing with the baby Jesus and all of a sudden we hear this "No! No! No throwing Baby Ford Jesus! No throwing! Time out Baby Ford Jesus. Time out!" Rhett and I cracked up but she was very serious about her discipline of Baby Ford Jesus. I hope He got a chuckle too!
Claire and I have had this argument before but it came up again today so I thought I'd share. We were leaving CBS this morning when she looked at me and said "Char vroom vroom" (She calls herself Char and vroom vroom means drive). I said what I usually say when she wants to drive "No Claire you can't drive only Mommy or Daddy can drive" then she gets all upset and the tears start coming because she can't drive. There I stand in the freezing cold trying to strap my 1 year old in her carseat as she cries because I won't let her drive! She definitely has some of her momma in her. I wanted to drive from the time I could walk - there was even an instance involving a Volvo when I was 12 but we won't mention that will we Susan?. We have had great success with teaching her to "take turns" with her brother with things like his bouncy seat, play mat or even sitting in my lap. She is fine with it if it is his turn because she knows it will be her turn next. Well today she got smart on me and in a last ditch attempt to win the argument and drive home she said "Char's turn vroom vroom!". Gotta give her credit for trying!


Susan said...

Yeah, let's not bring that up. Although you and I were fine drivers - it was Sally...

And good luck with the two kids pictures. I have two years on you with the trying, and haven't figured it out yet. My Christmas cards will be coming soon to a mailbox near you, and you'll see what I mean. Carlisle is not even looking in the direction of the camera and she is holding a wind up plastic frog.

Shanan said...

I understand your frustration with trying to get a "cute" picture of a two-year old (or almost 2)! We moved out of the blank stare phase and into the hand over the face phase! Very frustrating but those crying pictures are treasures too. We know how beautiful she is...even with tears. Love the stories. Keep them coming.