Friday, December 14, 2007

Our little lactation consultant

There has been a lot of breastfeeding going on around here lately for obvious reasons. Claire has definitely shown a great deal of interest in the whole process. She continues to bottle feed her babies but occasionally she will get all of the necessary equipment for pumping and head back to my bedroom telling me that she is going to make milk for her babies and that she will be right back. On this particular day she decided that Bunny (aka Bubby) needed to pump. At first it looked like she was trying to resussitate Bunny with the pump (maybe I just miss working in the ICU too much) then she got it together and poor Bunny will never be the same (if you've ever used a breastpump you understand!). (click on the pictures to get a better view!)


The Bowers Family said...

That is just too funny. I am cracking up. That is definitely a story for the baby book. I even love the little diaper on Bubby, you can tell she loves it so.

God bless and Merry Christmas. And of course Happy almost Birthday Claire.

the Bowers

The Allums Family said...

Casey and I are laughing!!! Claire is too funny!!! I love the one where it looks like she is giving CPR!! I hope Bubby survived the process!
Stephanie and Casey