Sunday, May 03, 2009

Our little ballerina

One of the hardest things about moving overseas for me is thinking about my kids missing traditional American "rite of passage" events, milestones and activites. I'm pretty sure that once we are there and living a different life those things will not seem as important and there will be other aspects of our new life will replace those things in a very big way but for now I get a little sad thinking about missing out on some of these fun things. One of those things being the precious moments of dance and athletics for little kids. I've always dreamed of the little ballerina, gymnast and t-ball player that I might have. So I have a very special appreciation for these special little activities that most parents take for granted. I'm thankful that I'm able to share some of these moments with Claire. Here's our ballerina at her first performance- yay!

Obviously she looked beautiful but she was also very confident and did an amazing job dancing up there in front of so many people. We were so very proud of her!
Here she is with Daddy right after the performance - can you see how excited she was? You can imagine how entertaining a ballet recital with about 35 3 year old little girls was!
And the #1 fan of the evening is little brother, Ford. He just clapped and clapped and was so excited for her. He just adores her and is so supportive of his big sister. I love seeing them encourage and love each other in that way. What special friends they have in each other. I guess Claire may be cheering for him on the football (aka soccer) or rugby field instead of the t-ball field as I once thought. (notice the for sale sign - sad :(
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Shanan said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Did you tape it? I would love to see it if you did! I can imagine 35 3 year-olds, 70+ parents, some grandparents, several siblings and that many cameras and video cameras. What fun "firsts" to have. I'm glad you have gotten to experience this with your daughter. It won't be long now before you have 2 daughters or 2 sons...can't wait to find out which it is!!!