Thursday, May 07, 2009

Last week

Less than a week ago my precious friend Stephanie spent a morning with me and Ford taking some pictures. I had mentioned the possibility to her a while ago but as time got closer for the baby's arrival and I felt more pressed for time I was tempted to just let it go. Then I had a conversation with my other precious friend, Shanan, and we talked about how child #2 seemed to get the squeeze at times and miss out on some of the things that #1 and #3 tend to have prioritized. One of those is pictures. Although I did make sure I had fantastic photos of Ford for his whole first year I was tempted to drop the ball on 18 months due to this busy season. After Shanan and I talked I decided that I had to make it happen for Ford and I am so glad. He is such a precious little thing at this age and I am so thankful for having wonderful pictures of him to remember this age. Anyway, I've only seen a sneak peak of those pictures of him but I'll share them when I get them because what I've seen is adorable!

The main reason for this post is that I asked Stephanie to take a few shots of my enormously pregnant belly. I felt really weird asking and even more so actually taking the pictures but I can not tell you how thankful I am to have these pictures. I'm not a pretty pregnant person. I am relatively short and even more short waisted which makes for a rather large tummy but I guess even more than that I just don't feel pretty when I'm pregnant like some women do so I'm just tempted to not document it. It is now several days later and I'm not pregnant anymore. I am already looking at these pictures with warm nostalgic feelings and I'm so thankful to have them as a way to remember a very special time in my life.

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Stephanie said...

you ARE a cute pregnant mama!
so glad you like them and so glad we got them done in time!!!
can't wait to see you all!