Saturday, May 23, 2009


We had all the cousins together last weekend for the first time - Ford 19 months, Claire 3 years, Gus 10 days, Mac 2 1/2 years and Graham 9 months. Claire is the little princess of the group and will certainly have her hands full with all of these little boys running around! What fun they are sure to have together in the years to come.
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Shanan said...

precious - I love how Fordy is ready to can see he's thinking, "okay mom - take the picture because i've got to go practice futbol in the backyeard. My team is waiting-:)" And I definitely think Ford has the most beautiful eyes. Claire is definitely the princess and she always will be. There's no denying that Mac is Tish's child - cute boys. Missing you and I can't wait to hold Gus!