Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time for Tea!

Do you know that I love tea? Love it. Can't stand coffee but boy do I love a cup of tea. When I was just a little ole thing my best friend and I would go to one of my favorite places called the Lumpkin Cafe in my hometown of Athens, GA and we would have tea - properly - with a cup, saucer, sugar cubes and a little cream. We usually had English Breakfast but would occasionally venture out into the world of Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey. Can you imagine two 10 year olds sitting at a cute little table in a cafe giggling over cups of tea like we were old women?

That is why I was so excited when Claire was invited to her first tea party for a friend's birthday this week. What a fun idea! It was just the small group of girls from her class and it was so nice to go to a party that was quite calm and very lovely in all the details - in fact if Ford had not been there it might have been downright quiet!

Lucy's mom had the tea table set up for the little girls and for the Mommy's too. The girls received hats, purses and white gloves to add to their dress up outfits that they wore to the party. Claire was "dressed" at 7:45 that morning and was ready to go to the tea party that didn't start until 10:30! Do I need to tell you how much she loved it! So girly and fun!

Claire and I often sit down to a relaxing cup of tea together. I think that is something that we will always enjoy doing together. Especially after our time in Kenya where tea time (or Chai as it is called there) is almost a sacred cultural tradition that is observed every single day. I'm pretty excited about a country that celebrates tea and takes time for it each day.

Here are the girls huddled around Lucy's mom reading a fun princess story. What fun to be a little girl!
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Shanan said...

How fun!!! Claire is absolutely precious and such a princess. I'm glad you have a tea partner for life.

Stacy said...

I can't wait for tea parties - what a great idea! She is so cute and looks so little and grown up all at the same time.