Monday, April 06, 2009

Catch up from the jungle

I'm sorry I've been so belated in posting. I got behind while we were in the Amazon and never felt like I had enough time to catch up. Here is an abbreviated version of our time in Iquitos (aka The Jungle). I apologize in advance for the pictures being out of order. Here is Claire with a very kind friend of Rhett's from his time in Iquitos last year, Helen, who took us around town while Rhett was in class. Here she is showing us one of the many rivers converging into the Amazon.
Watch your step . . . here is the "marina" where we caught a boat to the serpentarium and butterfly house.
More good times . . . Ford looks a little stressed in this picture. He wasn't too sure about it (don't really blame him for that). He did warm up later and had fun getting his hands wet. He had quite a bit of need of his paci on this trip - a lot of self soothing was necessary :)
Views along the river . . .
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Katharine said...

So good to hear from you. So glad y'all are well. Are you going to be in Athens any time this spring? I'd love to come see you!