Monday, April 06, 2009

Graduation party and food

I thought all of the food at the party was so pretty I had to take pictures of it. Here is a salad of heart of palm, tomatoes and avacados.
These were kind of a rice dumpling with olives. They were really tasty - yum.
I didn't realize it when I took this picture but this is actually turtle. It is VERY tender and quite good too. The biggest hit with our family was fried gator. Everyone is our crew had second and third helpings - I'm not sure if it is because it was our southern love of all things deep fried or if it was our Georgia Bulldog disdain of all things gator that made it taste so good to us Shirleys.
Claire and her Daddy hit the dance floor and put their Salsa dance lessons to the test. They both had a blast. Claire was the belle of the ball. I love the way she is holding her Daddy's neck in this picture - so sweet. When we first got to Peru we went to a party with other course participants and took the kids for a while. Claire was confused when we left and asked where the cake was. It didn't make sense in her experience to have a party with out a birthday cake. Well things have changed a bit now as she has attended quite a few adult parties in Peru and has gotten used to lots of yummy food, music and dancing. I think at the next birthday party we go to she will wonder where all the music and dancing is!
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