Saturday, November 22, 2008

The recipients of kindess and generosity

This is our new playset!! Some new friends in our small group at church offered this playset to anyone who wanted it (they needed to make room for a trampoline for their girls) so we said we would take it and it is ours! How nice is that? It is only a couple of years old and in perfect condition. They could have made a nice little chunk on Craig's List to put towards that trampoline but instead offered it up for free. It is so amazing to see they way God provides. This is not something we could afford but oh how wonderful it is to see our kids enjoying it so much.
This is one happy swing-a-holic. Claire LOVES to swing. That is all we do when we go to the park. It is all she wants to do on any playground. I guess it soothes her soul. I am happy that she can indulge herself whenever she wants to now and I don't have to make a big trip to the park (especially once Little Baby gets here). She was beside herself with glee today and stayed outside so long her hands were frozen and finally when it got dark we had to turn the flood lights on so she could keep on playing.
We will have to swap out one of the swings for a baby swing for Ford so for now he was content with flying down the big slide with Mommy's help and climbing up on the slide from the bottom, standing up and clapping for himself. Too cute.
He rolled around in leaves, fell on the grass and got really dirty - he loved every minute of it. I almost tossed this faded old popcorn car the other day (I got it at a consignment sale a few years ago when it looked brand new for $5 so I thought I had gotten my investment out of it). I'm glad I didn't! Ford became fascinated with the seat and stood there like this for a good long while opening and closing, opening and closing, opening and closing it with this very serious expression on his face.

It was a great day and now we have something else to be thankful for on this upcoming holiday! More than just the playset but for a loving God who cares about us and provides for us in special and unexpected ways sometimes. If you would have asked me if we needed a playset I would have said no that we had a slide and some other toys that were fine. But it turns out this playset is totally opening up our outside world and I am so excited to have an outlet for our growing children to be outside and relish some of the joys of childhood. If you need us we will be outside.
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Stephanie said...

looks like fun... what an unexpected blessing! that is where you were when we called:)!