Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You little turkey!

Today was the Thanksgiving celebration at Covenant Day School! The Kindergarteners anchored the program with a play and each other grade sang special songs of thanks throughout the program. It was fantastic and so much fun to see our little turkey up there!
I was up in the balcony and I could hear Claire singing all the way up there! I was so proud of her. She takes everything very seriously and her performance today was no different. I was a little surprised when I got there 30 minutes before the program started and there was no parking and very few seats. I thought I would look over eager getting there half an hour early! These parents don't mess around. It was quite a scene. I even saw several parents carrying bouquets of flowers to give to their children after the performance. I mean this was turkeys, pilgrams and indians. They did a great job but it wasn't a Broadway debut. I think this must be an example of the "self-esteem movement" that I've read about in the news lately. Apparently telling children how special they are makes actually believe that they are more special than everyone else and that translates into pretty lame adults. That is why I am all about keeping score at little league games. It is important to learn what it feels like to loose for a lot of reasons but one of them being if you want to win then you have to work harder next time. Anyway, this was a little bit of a tangent but I've read a few blogs about it today and it's on the brain. I digress . . .
Here she is enjoying her Thanksgiving feast with her classmates. I was surprised to see her eating a turkey sandwich. She hardly ever eats meat and the last time I offered her lunch meat was more than a year ago when she ate some and said "No like turkey" and threw it all up. Anyway, apparently she likes turkey sandwiches now so she will find one on her plate soon!
She was so excited to have Mommy and Daddy at school with her. It is always so much fun to see her be such a big girl at school with her friends. They asked each child what they were thankful for and wrote it on a leaf that hung from a tree. I was happy to see her answer had been "Mommy and Daddy". We are so thankful for her too!
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Shanan said...

Wow - they get so big so fast! I'm so proud of her for being so brave up on stage. There's no way Cole would have ever done that-:) She's always been your little songbird and I hope she keeps on singing. I agree with you about teaching children the difference between winning and loosing - do you know they even give out MVP trophies to every child? Come on, the children know who's the best player so why lie to them-:) Preach it sista. We miss you guys! I am so proud of you for being so productive in getting all your papers and household ready and prepared for your travels. I know it's stressful Megan. We are praying for you and your gang as you embark on this wonderful adventure. Love you!