Saturday, October 25, 2008

There is plenty of room!

Rhett was moonlighting last night and I had a raging headache so at about 8:15 Claire and I both headed for bed. On nights when Rhett is gone I have started to let her have a special treat by sleeping with me. I love it - she is so sweet and cuddly when she is asleep as opposed to when she is awake and going 100 mph. On the way to bed I notice she had her arms full of My Little Ponies and she said "Mommy the ponies are going to sleep with us tonight". I was in one of those headache hazes so I just said "Claire, there is no room for the ponies in my bed". I stopped by the bathroom to brush my teeth and she came running in saying "Don't worry, Mommy there is plenty of room for the ponies!". I look at my bed and don't you know there was a huge pile of ponies in Rhett's "spot". Fine. I'm not going to fight this battle tonight I just want to go to sleep. I climb in bed and then Claire climbs in and squishes between me (now on the edge) and the ponies (with lotsa room over there!). I quickly explained that the ponies didn't need quite that much room and move her and the ponies over.

Ford is cracking me up lately. His favorite activities are 1. shredding toilet paper into a zillion pieces - this can keep him quietly occupied for about half an hour - sometimes worth the clean up and sometimes not :) 2. playing in the shower. If the water is on and he is naked that is just bonus. If I can't find him the first place I look is in the shower. He just loves it in there. 3. cruising around our ottoman as fast as he can and stopping to take little breaks to clap for himself. 4. Reading his favorite book "A Dog Needs a Bone". He LOVES this book. He turns the pages on cue and at a certain point when I make a howling noise he looks at me in eager anticipation for the sound effects. This is the only book he will let me read. If I dare try to read another he starts squirming and trying to look for this one - when I pull it out he sits quietly and happy as a little lark while I read it yet again!

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