Thursday, October 16, 2008

Missing: Fall

We have had a lovely string of awesome days . . . warm, mid-eighties, not a drop of rain in sight, clear blue skies . . . just about perfect - FOR JULY! It's mid-October and I am done with warm weather. I will compromise and take a nice warm up in the afternoon but, please, for the love of all things good, let it be chilly in the morning! My children have long since outgrown their summer clothes we were expecting to have moved into our next season of clothes by now. I see the cues every where . . . pumpkins, cinnamon brooms in the grocery store, big beautiful mums on front porches (I bought my mums a month ago and they have long since passed. Too HOT and probably not enough water but that is another story) but the weather is just not matching up with the season. As I type this my AC is plugging away . . .
Anyway, despite this dreadful wonderful weather while we were in Athens for an extended weekend my Mom and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch - mostly to get pictures but we also got two pumpkins. I was excited because there was a church that just had a big yard full of pumpkins which makes for fun pictures. The pumpkin patch we usually go to (and will once it cools off a bit) is a lot of fun with pony rides and a tractor pull out to a real pumpkin patch but the real thing isn't as pleasing to the eye as a sea of orange pumpkin bliss.
So off we went all corduroyed up in the swealtering heat to the pumpking patch and had fun taking pictures and picking out the perfect pumpkin for our porch.
Yes that is a pumpkin Super "G" for Georgia that Claire is playiing ring around the rosie in - only in Athens!
I didn't get a single good picture of Claire but Ford cooperated with me so I got some cute little pumpkin shots of my little pumpkin!
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