Thursday, October 23, 2008

A few recent pictures

I was just downloading some pictures from the past week and thought these were cute:

Here's the birthday boy on his actual birthday enjoying a cupcake. We went for his 12 mo check up today and he was 22 lb 7 oz (50%) and he is 31 in (80%) his head circ was 70%. He's gone from the 80% to the 50% in weight but considering the way he eats I'm assuming it's because he is nursing so much less and doesn't drink that much milk yet. We are down to nursing just once or twice a day :( He's always been a bit leaner than Claire was as a baby so I suspect that he will also take after his Daddy - long and lean. It's funny to look back at what a chunk Claire was as a baby and see how thin she is now. I remember when we went in for her 12mo and it was the first time she was not in the 90% for anything! I saw that 80% and felt like I got a "B". Ha! Today we got some immunizations including his flu shot. Overall he is very healthy and for that we are very thankful. Having healthy children is not something I take for granted considering all of the sick kids I've taken care of over the years.

These are from our second visit to a pumpkin patch this year. This one has lots of fun activites and Claire LOVED it. When we left she said "We're coming back to the pumpking patch tomorrow!". She rode the big tractor to the patch (which after 4 years of visits to this patch I have just realized that the "patch" is staged. I think they must buy them somewhere and scatter them in this big ugly field. The kids don't seem to notice and it has taken me this long to realize it so I guess it doesn't matter), she rode the little tracter train, played in the tee pees and her favorite . . .
riding a horse all by herself!! I couldn't believe that she did it by herself - I was so proud of her and I needed tell you how proud her Daddy was when I told him about our little cowgirl! Ford got a little ride too (with some assistance) and he had a huge grin the whole time. Claire was particularly intrigued when the horse in front of hers, um, went poo poo. Lot of interesting things to see with animals! She still talks about when we saw the hippo "go" when we were at the zoo last year!!
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