Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Lil' Bulldog!

We celebrated Ford's 1st birthday on Saturday in Athens. We had our entire extended family together for the TN game and had a birthday/tailgate party at my parents' house. It is always so much fun to have everyone together especially now that we have a growing number of little people as part of our family. Never a dull moment these days! Here is Ford's cake which I thought turned out great! Take the Cake in Winterville did it and I couldn't believe it only cost $25! It was delicious too!

Ford had a little football to eat for his cake. There was never any doubt on whether he would like it or not! He jumped right in and enjoyed every bite!
He went straight to the tub when he was done and was a big chocolate mess! I had to dig chocolate icing out of his ear! Overall I think he had a great time and it was a fun way to celebrate his first year! We are thankful that everyone was able to be there and party with us too!

Here is our growing little family! It sounds funny that we have a 2 year old and a 1 year old now (as least for the next few months!). Ford got lots of trucks, cars and other "boy" toys that we have been seriously lacking around here. All he does is throw everything so I figure it doesn't matter if he is throwing a baby doll or a truck, right? Everyone can rest a little easier now that we have a nice little collection of trucks and cars :)
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