Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quare - you are so silly!

It's been quite a while since I've updated the Blog - so I have been told by several people! Sorry - we haven't really been all that busy - I guess we just haven't been doing too many interesting things lately! We traveled quite a bit in August. I was trying to get some visits in before my baby deadline. We went to visit Rhett's family in Dalton one weekend, we went to the first game in Athens and got to see my family another weekend (I watched the game comfortably from my parents couch) and we spent another weekend traveling to Augusta to see our good friends, the Mareks, who just moved there this summer.
A couple of things happened while we were in Augusta. Claire has realized that 1. snacks taste better when you are sitting on the counter to eat them, 2. jumping off the furniture onto pillows is just about the most fun a one year old can have and 3. she loves Jake Marek (the golden retriever pictured above). She talks about Jake every day. We have a book with a golden retriever as one of the main characters that I read approximately 3 times a day now. She also calls all soccer balls "Jake's ball" (you can see it in the picture above - it's kind of Jake's pacifier - he has it in his mouth all the time). We are not in the market for a dog but it is so sweet to see Claire have such affection for an animal!
The Mareks were actually in town this weekend and Claire got to spend a few hours with their boys, Cole -2 1/2 and Mason 7 months. They all had a great time together. When Claire and Cole play together it goes something like this: Claire plays with dolls and Cole plays with balls (or trucks). That is the recipe for some happy play times for both mommys and kids! Claire loved taking care of Mason and making sure he had his paci at all times. Cole calls Claire "Quare" which is adorable. They were being silly with cups on their heads while eating a snack in the other picture - also adorable. HA!

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Shanan said...

YEA! Thanks for posting new pictures and stories. It's sad when we only get a once-a-month update-:) HA...just giving you a hard time because it comes my way too-:) I'm thrilled that our kidos are buds and even more thrilled that we're buds. We can't wait to meet Baby Ford either and are confident he's as adorable as "Quare". Miss ya'll already, Marek's