Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big Girl Bed

Well, we took the plunge last week and moved Claire into her big girl bed! We wanted to get her moved well in advance of the "new" baby taking her room. So far she's done great - except for the two times she's fallen out! As you can see from the pictures she is in a virtual fortress of pillows and bed rails but nonetheless managed to fall off of the foot of the bed. I guess she is just used to rolling around until she hits something in her crib and once she was turned sideways in the bed she just kept rolling until she hit the (hardwood) floor with a thump. Rhett and I were both out of bed and in her room in out 2 seconds (I was quick to point out that I actually got there first - he says it's because he had to go around the bed - I think that the fact that I am 9 months pregnant makes it a pretty even playing field). Anyway, after that first fall we revisited our strategy and added a nightlight, a packnplay mattress on the floor - just in case - and some pillows at the end of the bed. She did great for a couple more days then - plop! - out she went again. This time she landed on the backup mattress and yelled out but never really woke up so back to bed she went and things have gone well ever since.
I'm glad I'm having another baby because Claire is acting way too grown up for me! She has made the move to the big girl room and has poo pooed and pee peed in the potty this week. She learned her colors recently so now we have a constant commentary on what color everything is. She loves tractors, school buses, mail trucks, ambulances and firetrucks. It keeps us busy in the car since we are on constant look out for any and all of those. One day a few weeks ago we actually saw all 5 on the way to work (and the ambulance and firetruck both had their lights and sirens on) - I know what you are thinking . . . pretty unbelievable!!! Hey, it's the little things that keep us going somedays. It's fun that Claire can talk and pretty much tell us what she wants - although most of the time that means ice cream, cookies or ice pops. She has a really good understanding about the baby and keeps saying "come out baby!" and wants to give him a "sassy" (what we call pacifiers around here). I know, I know she's too old for a sassy but I had to pick my battles. I chose to put her in a big girl bed, have a new baby and focus on potty training rather than take away the sassy. We will get there - she only uses it in bed :)

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The Allums Family said...

Such an big girl!!! Precious!!!
I hope she is getting the hang of it and not falling out anymore :)